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100% solids, solvent free anti-corrosion epoxy coating for protecting steel structural subject to severe corrosive environment. The coating provides a durable smooth finish having excellent weather proof resistance and also resistant to saline, moisture, water, acids & alkalis.

The Price indicated is for 20 Ltr pack

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Typical Properties

Maximum Operating Temperature, °C : 107

Mixing Ratio By volume, (R : H) : 4 : 1

Pot life at 30 °C , minutes : 40

Full cure at 30 °C , hours : 12

Coverage per coat, per ltr, : 6

No. of coats required   2
Film thickness per 2 coats, microns : 125
Volume of solids, %   100


 Sluice gate
 Swimming pool
Application Instructions :(Please read general instructions)

Surface Preparation : Surface to be coated must be structurally sound, dry, free from loose material. All surface contamination must be removed. Grease and oil should be grit blasted or water jetted. Deeper penetration must be removed by     mechanical means.
Mixing: Contents of Resin and Hardener should be throughly stirred individually to disperse any settlement which may taken place during storage. The entire contents of Hardener should be poured into Resin and the materials thoroughly mixed for at least 3 minutes taking particular care to scrap the sides and bottom of the container. Mechanical mixing using a slow speed (300-400 rpm) electric drill fitted with mixing paddle is preferable. Follow mix ratio for part mixing.
Application : Apply mixed materials with stiff nylon brush. The 1st coat must be firmly applied and be well scrubbed into the surface. The 1st coating should be allowed to become tack free, before applying the 2nd coat. No thinners or solvents should be added.

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3. Delivery : with in 2 Working Days FROM PO.
4. Transport : To Pay / Extra As Actuals